GameTote INformation and User Tips

GameTote with Fabric Liner, broken down and ready to ship

GameTote with Fabric Liner, broken down and ready to ship

GameTote Weight and dimensions

Every GameTote is 54 lbs fully assembled, including the 300X19 spoked motorcycle wheel with drum brake.
Fully assembled dimensions: 88 ½" X 26" X 13"
Broken down dimensions: 45 ½" X 26" X 13" (see photo)

Is the GameTote difficult to balance?

A two-wheeler has an edge in that it needs only the front-back balance while the GameTote needs side to side as well. In addition we chose to sacrifice an additional degree of balancing effort by carrying the load higher with a big, single wheel in order to maximize crucial advantages, such as:

  • Mobility - the cart design and wheel allows for the mobility you need to travel easily (or with the least possible difficulties) through the terrain in which you will be hunting.

  • Side Hill Tipping - the cart design reduces the risk of tipping and dumping the load while traversing slopes.

  • Clearance - the cart design and wheel diameter provide sufficient clearance over obstacles.

  • Smooth Rolling - the wheel diameter is of sufficient size to allow the cart to roll more smoothly, with fewer hang ups on any terrain.


Where will your elk go down? Probably not on a road or trail, or even on level ground. GameTote’s single track will go almost anywhere an elk or deer can go, and where other carriers will not.

Why the single wheel?

Two wheeled carriers require relatively flat terrain and a wider path. When confronted with slopes and hillsides, ditches, holes, creeks, ravines, etc., you run into mobility problems. Often you must either go straight up and down or wrestle mightily to keep from leaning too far to the side and dumping your load. The single wheel enables you to follow the narrow path or to go where there is no path. You can meander through the bushes and trees, around the rocks, up and down the bumps and hills, and generally go where the elk and deer go.

Is the larger diameter wheel an advantage?

Definitely. It won't get stuck in smaller depressions and will roll more smoothly and with less rolling resistance over debris, rocks, holes, branches and rough ground. It also provides necessary clearance for brush, rocks and downed timber. The 19 inch motorcycle wheels that we use have an outside diameter of about 25 inches.

Balance Tips

The key is teamwork. Don't exhaust yourselves by fighting each other on the balance. If there is the slightest hint of a problem here we suggest that the man in back control the brakes and the side to side balance. This leaves the man in front to control the front to back balance. To make this work you have to trust your partner and not help him with his job. With this arrangement you can avoid a lot of strain and maximize the benefits of your GameTote. Some claim to have literally jogged down the trail with a big elk. Others admit to having crash landed when going too fast.

Why this design?

It’s simple, uncomplicated and works best. The use of tight-fitting and telescoping heavy steel tubing allows for uniquely hinged wheel supports and slide on handles so that break down for transport or storage does not result in the customary loss of strength and rigidity. The very first GameTote made in 1993 was exactly the same as those made today. Except for the height adaptors that are now available on the accessories page, and pulling harnesses which we have declined to offer because of risks involved, there has never been a call, suggestion or need for correction or modification. 


Loading Game onto the GameTote

With the game field dressed and lying on its side place the GameTote on its side and behind. Slide it up to and around the animal's back until it is cradled within the basket. Using straps and some heavy-duty nudging pull it up and in until it is tightly secured. All of the weight is now between the 2 sets of handles. (Even after field dressing, a large, non Roosevelt bull elk can still weigh as much as 450 - 500 lbs) To lift the handles at one end while the handles at the other end are still on the ground you will be lifting but half of this weight. To improve this even more choose the end with the animal's back side to lift. Also use the actual handles rather than height adaptors as these will bend if used for this purpose. Lift diagonally, or sideways, toward the wheel – as you do this the wheel will rotate and become vertical as the far handles become level on the ground. Your GameTote is now resting on the wheel and the far end handles. Call this the “Lean & Rest Position”. This is where it should be left when you are not traveling. When your ready push down while your partner lifts and your on your way. We believe that this makes your GameTote easiest to load both from ground to cart and from cart to pickup.


We’ve learned from years of feedback that proper fit is very important when there is a lot of weight involved—the poorer the fit the more the aches and pains. Owners can select one of five axle holes to use with our 300x19 spoked motorcycle wheel to find a handle height that is within 1/4 inch of a perfect fit for most hunters. These sizes are 34 1/2”, 35", 35 1/2", 36", and 36 1/2”.  We have developed height adaptors for users who wish to refine this further or provide for switching handlers of differing heights without having to change axle holes each time.

Items to Keep Handy

We suggest that you keep a can of Fix Flat (compressed air & sealant) in case of a flat tire and a rubber hammer for installation and removal of the handles without damage to the powder coat paint job.


Be sure that the cable clamp and the brake adjustment mechanism at the wheel are securely tightened and that you have ample pull remaining on the brake handle when it is fully depressed. This will allow the brake to work properly and avoid the big one getting away from you down the hill. Do not use the adjustment mechanism at the brake lever as it is made for a bicycle and is not strong enough for this use. Adjust the brakes periodically as they settle in and check to see that you have plenty of handle before each use. We also suggest that before each hunting season you grease the brake cable and make sure that the brakes are working well.

Is it really necessary to have a brake?

It depends on where you hunt and where your animal will go before it drops. The brake can be critical with a big load in hilly country. It gives you control, prevents runaways, and allows for rest stops, making it possible to go where you otherwise could, or would, not.

How much will the GameTote carry?

Far more than you can handle. We've tested it with fifteen 70 lbs sandbags (1050 lbs total). Loads in the 350-400 pound range are surprisingly easy for two average hunters to negotiate, and loads over 500 pounds are not uncommon. You should evaluate your strengths and abilities together with the terrain and other variables such as obstacles on your path. If you're not sure, try a test load and cut back until you're comfortable.

Use of GameTote by Single Hunter

One person can easily operate the GameTote so don't do any heavy carrying or dragging if you have one handy. Load as per the instructions above. Adjust the load a bit toward your end and use it like a wheelbarrow. With a fairly unobstructed path and minimal uphill you should be able to handle a smaller load such as a deer, antelope, or an elk quarter. 

How does GameTote Compare to the other carts in the Game Cart review?

GameTote merits the highest mark (none better) for each of the considerations from our Cart Selection Guide with the exception of # 5 “ balancing ease”. As pointed out in the Game Cart Review, we chose to sacrifice some balancing effort with the bigger wheel in order to gain five advantages that we deem to be relatively more important, especially in remote areas with more difficult terrain. These are: greater wheel strength, more clearance, ability to traverse slopes without dumping the load, smoother and faster rolling with less effort on any terrain and, mobility (ability to go where the elk and deer go).

Removal of Wheel

Whenever you remove the wheel it is very important that the washers and other parts be replaced in precisely the same place as when removed.


DIY Webbing Liner

This DIY liner uses heavy 1 ½ inch and 2 inch polypropylene webbing interwoven between the ribs and handles. These should keep anything bigger than 3 – 4 inches from falling through. First time installation time is estimated at 25 - 30 minutes. A materials list and instructions are included on the Assembly page. Materials can be obtained locally.

Cargo Cover

We haven’t been able to come up with anything that would justify a price above that charged for inexpensive tarps at Harbor Freight.

Pulling Harness

We envision a harness both for the man in front and for others who might be assisting with a heavy load. Both have been suggested by owners and could indeed be quite helpful. We’ve looked at everything out there and come up with a couple designs that we think might be superior. But our primary concern is with a person attached to a harness being pulled down a hill or over a cliff. We haven’t been able to devise a reliable escape mechanism and because of the danger (and potential liability) involved must decline involvement.

terms of the Lifetime Warranty

GameTote Corporation warrants to the original owner of a GameTote that should it ever fail to do the job for which it was intended, i.e. carrying game, because of defective materials or workmanship, it shall, upon receipt at the office of the company, be repaired or replaced and returned free of charge to such owner. This warranty shall not include damage or failure due to neglect or oversight, including improper assembly or failure to grease the bearings periodically or properly adjust and maintain the brake cable assembly.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to call us at 970-498-0578