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Why GameTote?


Right Tool for the Job? – For 20 years I had used a large ball peen hammer and a length of 4 X 8 I-beam to shape one end of the GameTote wheel struts for welding. When I had to hire a helper to do this work I noticed that he was using a 200 lb. anvil in place of the I-beam. I tried it and found that it cut the work involved to just over a third of what I had been doing. I had finally discovered the principle of the anvil and why it was the right tool for that job.

That there is a right tool for the job of game retrieval can also be true, especially in prime deer and elk country where game size and rough terrain often combine to make retrievals very difficult. This is where the going gets tough and where a GameTote cart is most appreciated.

Retrieval Zone – "With the GameTote I am confident that I can retrieve just about any animal from any location that I can reasonably hike to", states Jeff Maynard who hunts in the rugged mountains of central Idaho (see testimonials). GameTote will do the same for your retrieval zone.

Take a look at the Game Cart Selection Guide and the list of qualities to look for in a retrieval cart. All but one of these are part and parcel of the GameTote. Fully 10 are to make retrieval easier by helping to overcome the more difficult conditions found in typical elk and deer hunting terrain. Included is the all-important single motorcycle wheel that supplies the requisite strength for big animals, super mobility that is so important in rough country, smoother and easier rolling and the critical ability to traverse slopes without dumping. Equally important is the powerful motorcycle drum brake that has all the holding power you will ever need for biggerr animals and will effectively reign-in the potential danger you otherwise hold in your hands.

Strength & Versatility – GameTotes are hand-crafted in Colorado with steel tubing (1 inch HREW (hot rolled electric weld) w/.065" wall and 1.25 inch DOM (drawn over mandrel) w/.120 wall) and a brand new 300 X 19 motorcycle wheel w/drum brakes. The frame is joined with 30 MIG welds in an incredibly strong multi-triangular configuration. Break-down joints are formed by telescoping the HREW and DOM so as to avoid sacrificing needed strength and rigidity when in use.

We've tested the GameTote with 1,050 lbs., or far more than you should try. Unlike other carts where load limits are likely determined by the cart itself, GameTote limits are in reality set by your physical abilities and safety considerations. It is not unusual for two hunters using a GameTote to retrieve a 500 lb. (or larger) bull elk from deep in the back country. Single and younger hunters can comfortably use the same GameTote for smaller game and lighter loads.

GameTote has a myriad of practical uses including an emergency rush of a sick or injured hunting buddy back to the truck (see Rescue Vehicle on Accessories page) and is uniquely capable of hauling heavy and unusual loads through rough terrain or to remote locations.

Path? – – Where will your elk go down? Probably not on a road or trail, or even on level ground. GameTote's single track will go almost anywhere an elk or deer can go, and where other carriers will not. See the advantages of a large single wheel.

Difficulty Loading – A bull elk is extremely heavy, averaging up to 730 lbs. (add another 200 – 300 lbs. for a Roosevelt's bull elk) Even after field dressing, they can be a real problem to load onto your cart. GameTote is the easiest cart to load, both from ground to cart and from cart to pickup. See User Tips page.

Fit – For many years we used salvaged motorcycle wheels on Gameotes. As you can imagine, these were of all different makes and sizes and often required us to determine the height of the buyer before drilling the axle hole so as to achieve a ball park fit.

Because of GameTote's strength and capacity together with it's mobility in rough terrain, it wasn't long before we began to hear from owners to the effect that proper fit could be very important indeed. The poorer the fit the more the aches and pains. We thus developed height adapters to help alleviate this problem.

Everything changed in 2015 when we were able to find an excellent import motorcycle wheel so that all GameTotes' now have the same brand new standard wheel. This enabled us to devise a method by which owners can now select one of five axle holes and thus a GameTote handle height that is within ¼ inch of a perfect fit for most hunters. These sizes are 34 1/2”, 35”, 35 1/2”, 36”, and 36 1/2”. Height adapters are still available for those who wish to refine this further or provide for switching handlers of different heights without having to change axle holes each time.

Reliability? – We regularly hear of other carriers that have collapsed, rolled, or otherwise failed to do the job. When he ordered his GameTote last year a forest service official told me that he just hated to see all of the two-wheelers hunters brought in each hunting season – that it was a real job just picking up those that would be abandoned. These problems just don't happen with GameTote.

Hard Work – We don't claim that a GameTote will make the task a walk in the park - although at times we are told it does just that. We do claim that a GameTote makes it possible to retrieve larger game from rough country and thus greatly enlarge your retrieval zone. Even with the many features and advantages GameTote has to make things easier and more manageable in tough terrain (not smoothly and gradually sloping downhill to the truck), handling this much weight is going to be very hard work, as it would be with any other carrier you felt might be able to do the job. The difference is that with GameTote your chances for a successful retrieval in these conditions are vastly improved. And no matter how difficult the retrieval, it will still be in total control of the powerful GameTote braking. This will help you to prevent exhaustion, reduce the potential for injury or heart attack, be in better spirits and have more time to enjoy your hunting success.

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