GameTote Moose, Elk and Deer Cart  

User Tips


Loading Game onto the GameTote - With the game field dressed and lying on its side place the GameTote on its side and behind. Slide it up to and around the animal's back until it is cradled within the basket. Using straps and some heavy-duty nudging pull it up and in until it is tightly secured. All of the weight is now between the 2 sets of handles. (Even after field dressing, a large, non Roosevelt bull elk can still weigh as much as 450 - 500lbs) To lift the handles at one end while the handles at the other end are still on the ground you will be lifting but half of this weight. To improve this even more choose the end with the animal's back side to lift. Also use the actual handles rather than height adaptors as these will bend if used for this purpose. Lift diagonally, or sideways, toward the wheel – as you do this the wheel will rotate and become vertical as the far handles become level on the ground. Your GameTote is now resting on the wheel and the far end handles. Call this the “Lean & Rest Position”. This is where it should be left when you are not traveling. When your ready push down while your partner lifts and your on your way.

Balance – The key is teamwork. Don't exhaust yourselves by fighting each other on the balance. If there is the slightest hint of a problem here we suggest that the man in back control the brakes and the side to side balance. This leaves the man in front to control the front to back balance. To make this work you have to trust your partner and not help him with his job. With this arrangement you can avoid a lot of strain and maximize the benefits of your GameTote. Some claim to have literally jogged down the trail with a big elk. Others admit to having crash landed when going too fast.

Items to Keep Handy – We suggest that you keep a can of Fix Flat (compressed air & sealant) in case of a flat tire and a rubber hammer for installation and removal of the handles without damage to the powder coat paint job.

Brakes – Be sure that the cable clamp and the brake adjustment mechanism at the wheel are securely tightened and that you have ample pull remaining on the brake handle when it is fully depressed. This will allow the brake to work properly and avoid the big one getting away from you down the hill. Do not use the adjustment mechanism at the brake lever as it is made for a bicycle and is not strong enough for this use. Adjust the brakes periodically as they settle in and check to see that you have plenty of handle before each use. We also suggest that before each hunting season you grease the brake cable and make sure that the brakes are working well.

Use of GameTote by Single Hunter – One person can easily operate the GameTote so don't do any heavy carrying or dragging if you have one handy. Load as per the instructions above. Adjust the load a bit toward your end and use it like a wheelbarrow. With a fairly unobstructed path and minimal uphill you should be able to handle a smaller load such as a deer, antelope, or an elk quarter.

Getting Over Downed Timber – When you are loaded and want to get over a sizable log without lifting or going around, try this. It generally works well but will scratch up your paint. Lay the front handles on the log. Make sure that the animal is strapped in tightly. Twist the GameTote 90 degrees either left or right. To the extent possible try to avoid having ropes or straps around the steel tubing on the down side. Slide across the log. Then twist back and your ready to go again.

Removal of Wheel – Whenever you remove the wheel it is very important that the washers and other parts be replaced in precisely the same place as when removed.

Handle Grips - We began using 6 inch sections of standard 1 inch radiator hose for handle grips many years ago. These are virtually bomb-proof and provide both adequate cushioning for your hands and the toughness necessary for heavy loads. We have found that without something more these grips may begin to slide during use. To prevent this we now use and recommend Weldwood contact cement. Apply to both the outside of the handle and inside of the grips. Then pound on with a rubber hammer and wipe away any excess glue.

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