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Rescue Vehicle - Very early it was discovered that the basic "stokes litter" (see orange) fit almost perfectly inside the GameTote frame. All we had to do was make a pair of longer handles and the GameTote was good to go as a search and rescue vehicle. Several agencies and parks have since purchased one for use as a rescue vehicle. Not only is the GameTote far less expensive than a typical rescue vehicle, it is probably stronger, has greater mobility and a powerful motorcycle brake. The price for the rescue vehicle is $550. We would caution you to warn those using the cart to be careful not to pinch hands when lowering the stokes into the cart.

GameTote used for Search and Rescue

Height Adapters – Hauling big animals over rough terrain can be quite a strain, especially when your cart is not a particularly good fit. The good news is that GameTote now has 5 height settings that will bring handle heights to within 1/4 " of a perfect fit in most situations. Should you feel the need to refine this, or prepare for switching handlers with differing heights without having to change axle holes each time, we also offer height adapters in 3 sizes, 1/2" offset, 1 1/2" offset, and 2 1/2" offset. The height adapter shown has a 2 1/2" offset and will place your hands either 2 1/2" above or 2 1/2" below the present handle level. These are inserted into the GameTote handles and held with a retention pin (not shown).

When you purchase the height adapters with your GameTote the holes will be drilled and the price is $50.00. When you drill the holes yourself the price is $30.00. If it is centered and drilled properly you will be able to place the adapter either up or down. If you don't get this quite right you can re-drill it when reversed so that the pin can still be inserted.

We strongly suggest that you use only one pair of the adapters and that you place them on the front or end without the brake handle. If you use them on the back you must move the brake handle (lever) to the adapter. Otherwise you will not be able to operate the brake without first moving your hand and thereby inviting a serious loss of control, either because of the brakes being applied too late or not at all (should your hand miss the brake handle), or because you lose load balance while you are hanging on with only one hand.

GameTote height adapters

We use the term "Palm Height" for fitting purposes. Palm height is the distance from the ground or floor to the palms of your hands at a level that provides the most comfortable fit. We find that a 6' 3" hunter has a palm height of about 36 1/4" and that a 5' 7" hunter has a palm height of about 35 1/4". You will need to arrive at an average palm height for you and your likely hunting partner as well as for any two in your party likely to be managing the GameTote together.

Don't confuse the inch measurement that describes the height adapter with an inch of handle height. Since a height adapter's "inch" is only used at one end of the cart and the other end remains unchanged, the oveall effect (or average) is a gain or loss of just half that, or "1/2 inch". So when there is a gap of 1/4" between handle height and average palm height, you will need a height adapter of twice that, or 1/2 ".

As mentioned above, most will be able to set the average Handle Height to within 1/4 " of their average Palm Height. If the gap is 3/16 " or more, you can adjust the Handle Height a full 1/4" with the 1/2" Height Adapter. If the gap is 1/8 " or less the 1/2 " height adapter will leave you with a bigger gap after adjustment than it was before. So we suggest that you think of 1/8 " as your level of acceptable tolerance. When you switch to other handlers with differing palm heights you can adjust the handle height by moving the axle hole, using one of three height adapters, or some combination of these.

Let's look at a hypothetical case where hunter A is 6' 8" and has a palm height of 36 3/4". His hunting buddy B is 5' 4" and has a palm height of 34 1/4". Their average palm height is 35 1/2". You could in this case choose a handle height of 35 1/2" and this should fit perfectly. One handle would then be held about 2 1/2" higher above the ground than the other, but there is nothing wrong with this as there is a span of almost 8 ' seperating the handles. But let's assume that A and B want to maintain the top of the cart as close to level as they can. They could drop the cart to the 34 1/2" handle height level and use the 2 1/2" height adapter in the up position for A. This would not be a perfect fit like the first option, but it would be within the 1/8" acceptable tolerance.

The following is a partial list of handle height adjustment possibilities: Remember that we are trying to adjust the Handle Height up or down to best fit the Average Palm Height of those who will be using the GameTote.

Cart Height Settings Height Adapters Handle Height Adjustment
  ½” ( ¼” ) plus or minus
  1 ½” ( ¾” ) plus or minus
  2 ½” ( 1 ¼” ) plus or minus
Move up 1 ( +½” ) ½” in down position ( -¼” ) ( +¼” )
Move up 1 ( +½” ) 1½” down ( -¾” ) ( -¼” )
Move up 2 ( +1” ) 1½” down ( -¾” ) ( +¼” )
Move down 1 ( -½” ) ½” up ( +¼” ) ( -¼” )
Move down 1 ( -½” ) 1½” up ( +¾” ) ( +¼” )
Move down 2 ( -1” ) 1½” up ( +¾” ) ( -¼” )
Move down 2 ( -1” ) 2½” up ( +1¼” ) ( +¼” )

Installing and removing height adaptors takes but a fraction of the time it takes to make a height adjustment by moving the axle - which involves movement of the brake stop plug, some tools and a bit of time. If the cart is loaded with a big elk this becomes more difficult and time consuming. To avoid this every time you switch cart handlers consider using height adaptors instead. If the difference in palm heights of those switching is roughly the same as the effective handle height adjustment of one of the height adaptors (remember that the handle height adjustment is just 1/2 of the size of the height adaptor, (i.e., 2 1/2" = 1 1/4", 1 1/2 = 3/4", 1/2" = 1/4") you could do this by using a set of height adaptors instead.

When figuring out how best to achieve the most comfortable fit, keep in mind that the lower the load the easier it is to balance. So when you have a choice always opt for the lowest cart height possible after achieving the desired palm heights for best fit.

GameTote Cart Cargo liner

Cargo Liner – Several have indicated the need for a GameTote cargo liner for carrying boned or quartered game, hunting camp gear and many other items that would be lost through the cracks without it. The solid liner shown above is made of very strong ballistic nylon, attached to the frame with Velcro, and should fill the bill.

GameTote Cart Webbing liner

Webbing Liner – A less expensive alternative is the webbing liner shown above. This uses heavy 1 ½ inch and 2 inch polypropolene webbing interwoven between the ribs and handles. These should keep anything bigger than 3 – 4 inches from falling through. First time installation time is estimated at 25 - 30 minutes. A materials list and instructions are included on the assembly page. Materials can be obtained locally.

Cargo Cover – We haven’t been able to come up with anything that would justify a price above that charged for inexpensive tarps at Harbor Freight.

Pulling Harness – We envision a harness both for the man in front and for others who might be assisting with a heavy load. Both have been suggested by owners and could indeed be quite helpful. We’ve looked at everything out there and come up with a couple designs that we think might be superior. But our primary concern is with a person attached to a harness being pulled down a hill or over a cliff. We haven’t been able to devise a reliable escape mechanism and because of the danger (and potential liability) involved must decline involvement.

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